Ayanda Ncwane On Sfiso: “I’m not ready to let go”

Ayanda still holding on to Sfiso's things.

Ayanda Ncwane On Sfiso: “I’m not ready to let go”. Sfiso Ncwane’s passing is still pain to many people who admired him but mostly to his wife Ayanda Ncwane who suffers great pain & emptiness each time she goes to sleep alone.


Speaking to Drum the star expressed how she’s not ready to let go.


“I know we said the vows – till death do us part – and death did us part, but I am not ready to part. I haven’t been able to accept that. I’m not ready to let go.”


Ayanda still has many pivtures around the house of Sfiso and said she will keep them until she was ready to finally let go.


“When I’m ready to remove his pictures, it will happen naturally.”

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