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Blacklez On Rappers Pushing Music With No Message

Rapper Blacklez has expressed his thoughts in regards to social rappers claiming that they are underrated which leads to some making music which lack a meaningful message.

“There is still not a lot of space in the industry for social rappers, they aren’t appreciated as much. I don’t know what it is exactly because there are artists that speak loudly away from the music. Maybe they fear they will lose fans if they try to push a message.”

He also spoke of the consciousness of his music and how it’s different.

“On one song I speak about the ideal relationship between a man and a woman, another where I speak about dealing with the battles of doubt and struggle within. There is a song where I talk about a woman who feels like she has no worth but to sell herself sexually to a man, and another about a man who uses his money to get whatever he wants.”

He claims to have “brought consciousness into the mainstream” and said people often misunderstood the genre to think that in order to be conscious, you had to be “preachy”.

“Too many people think that consciousness is telling people they are wrong or right. Consciousness is presenting issues to people. Decisions are made every day; sometimes they are decisions you don’t think a lot about it but most of them are about enhancing your life and being more intelligent or educated. Why not have that in music?”


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