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DJ Shimza On How Putting Down A One Man Show Left Him Broke

DJ shimza on growing an event for 10 years.

DJ Shimza On How Putting Down A One Man Show Left Him Broke. Like any DJ trying to make it as big as they can, DJ Shimza established an initiative to grow his brand through a one man show annual event which at first left him broke.

“I lost money because obviously when you start something you can’t just expect sponsors to jump in because they usually need to see what you’ve done first before they join you. Without the experience and finances, it’s a lot harder. Experience teaches you things like knowing about tickets and how they work and knowing that security is one of the biggest priorities you can have when planning an event.”

The DJ added on how 10 years later he still makes success of his show.


“It feels good to get here because a lot of events start and they kind of just fall off. Sometimes because of the wrong business models or not doing it for the right reasons. So for me to have come as far as I have and not being part of the circle of dying events and having to start another one. To be able to grow an event for ten years, is amazing.”

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