Dumi Masilela’s Album Eternal Crush Ready For Release

Simphiwe speaks on what fans can expect from Dumi's album.

Dumi Masilela’s Album Eternal Crush Ready For Release. Almost a year since Dumi Masilela passed while making music which was unreleased. Now finally his wife Simphiwe managed to have the album finished and all ready to hit the shelves. The album is titled Eternal Crush consisting of 10 unknown songs.


“All the songs have a special meaning for me because I was present when he wrote them. I know what he was going through and what he was feeling when he wrote every song. We would sit and discuss the music before and after recording, and I just want everyone to hear his talent. I want to share him with his friends and fans,” said Simphiwe speaking to Drum.


The actress went on to speak of what the album is about.


“The brand Eternal Crush is about celebrating love, relationships, family, and friends. Life is about love and embracing pain and living your truth,” added Simphiwe.

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