Floda Grae Confirms Break-up From Ngizwe Mchunu

Floda Grae Confirms Break-up From Ngizwe Mchunu. The year has been tough for many couples who made everyone believe what they had would last, the break ups of 2018 have been proof that nothing stays the same forever. On today’s episode it’s Floda and Ngizwe who have reportedly cut ties after a few years in polygamous marriage.

Around the month of August Floda revealed that Ngizwe was throughout their relationship abusing her emotionally and physically. The star laid no charges of assault saying she believed experiencing the pain in silence would make things better but instead worsened them.

Confirming the news Floda shared via her Instagram feed.

“I left that n****a… He was no fun,” she wrote.

According to Isolezwe newspaper, Floda confirmed the news of the break-up. However, Ngizwe dismissed reports of a divorce.

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