Gospel Songstress Gugu Nkutha On Having Her Womb Removed

Gugu shares her story of sickness.

Gospel Songstress Gugu Nkutha On Having Her Womb Removed. Singer turned author Gugu Nkutha shared a story of her journey in dealing with a sickness that compelled her to undergo a surgery of having her womb removed.


Gugu spoke about how dhe first encountered problems with bleeding and said she remembered a time when she was in a shopping mall and started bleeding.


“I had to rush to Checkers to get stuff. I had to get new clothes and wash myself in a public bathroom.”


She said that she often prayed for healing and believed that she would, but a remedy didn’t come until she accepted her struggles.


“I believed for a long time that God would heal me until the holy spirit said that even the medical intervention was there for him to help me. The question is do I still believe that God can heal? Yes. Without a shadow of a doubt.”

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