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Heavy K States Reasons That Would Make Him Quit Music

Heavy K who is both a music producer and DJ opened up about what he hates most about people who judge his music negatively and reasons that would contribute in him quitting music.

“If I ever reach a level where I make songs that don’t make me happy or are mediocre, I will quit because I don’t want to mess up a legacy I have worked so hard to create. God gave me this gift and if there ever comes a day where I can’t make Heavy K kind of music, then I’l gladly step down.”

He further added how hard he works on his music to have people just call it trash.

“The most hurtful thing that’s ever been said to me is that my music is trash. I mean, I can understand if you don’t like it or it’s not your kind of sound, but calling it trash really hurts me because I work hard to make it.”

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