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Kelly Khumalo Enraged At Local Publication Linking Her To Jub Jub

Songstress Kelly Khumalo has once again threatened to sue publication which wrote an article or rather headline that made it seem she and baby daddy Jub Jub were in good loving terms.

Last week various publications reported that Kelly Khumalo will be part of a new campaign of road safety alongside other celebrities included Jub Jub who she boldly expressed her dislike for. Although the aim of the articles was to report on the campaign most made it more about Kelly Khumalo working with Jub Jub and she hated that.

However, Ghafly publication which caught her attention stated that the ex lovers who ended their toxic romance in 2010 had “joined hands” which clearly upset Kelly.

“Joined hands with who? Don’t fucking talk shit,,, ddnt even know this guy was part of the campaign.. so stop making it look rosy cause it isn’t and never will be. Dare Make me part of your silly headlines again!”

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