Lvovo On The Impact Played By Taxi Drivers To Expose Artists

Kwaito muso Lvovo took it upon himself earlier this year to give thanks  to Durban taxi drivers by throwing a braai  for playing a huge part in exposing local music of local musicians to local people.

“My music started playing in taxis. Our sound, the Durban sound, it took a while for it to break into the mainstream world. But the taxi drivers took a risk on me and many other Durban artists. The taxi drivers didn’t have to play our music but they did, until people got used to it and loved it.” He said speaking to TshisaLIVE.

He added on to speak of how these taxi drivers are not well recognized for their contribution pf blossoming up careers of musicians.

“Nobody has ever really thanked these drivers who have transported our parents to work and us in their taxis for years. Instead, we have reduced them all to people who drive badly and are always swearing. So I decided, together with some other people like Distruction Boyz, to just host them and say thank you.”

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