Mshoza Explains Her Major Body Transformation

Kwaito star Mshoza is currently on a journey of some heavy body transformation everything from new breasts, bigger lips, nose job, skin lightening, boob & new cheeks to say the least.

“I’m generally very conscious of beauty and my body. I don’t like feeling ugly, and if I want to have a certain look I get it. There’s nothing wrong with that. Hence, I decided to make my bum bigger.” She said during an interview with DRUM magazine.

The Abantu Bam hitmaker explained how people thought she was a tomboy with flat butt and small breasts.

“Yho! I was a seshwapa [had a flat bum] from a very young age. I didn’t even have breasts and I think that’s why people thought I was a tomboy when I actually wasn’t,”

To look how she pleased and still feeling it’s not enough she did the buttock implants in December 2017.

“I got the biggest size offered in South Africa. But it’s still small, so I’m going to make them bigger in Brazil now,” she said.

“I’m not 100% happy yet. I’m going to make my bum even bigger then remove all my teeth and install a completely new set soon. Once that is done I’ll be closer to perfection,” she says. When will she know she’s reached perfection? “I want to wake up in the morning and not need to put on make-up. I just want to be able to go to the shops without having to stress about how I look, you know?”

It is obvious that a body transformation can cost so much which makes many wonder where Mshoza get the money, she said:

“I work! That’s where the money to do all these things comes from. I’m a musician, I have a record label and I’m pushing other businesses as well.”

In addition the star admitted that the healing process of all these implants take lot of time.

“When I was healing from the bum implants [six weeks] it took what seemed like forever to heal. I couldn’t walk properly or even sit down on my bum – I was always lying on my belly,” she says. She had to be carried to the car if she needed to go somewhere.”

Catch full interview on DRUM publication.

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