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Reason On How He Plans To Deal With Flex

Reason On How He Plans To Deal With Flex. The beef between Reason and Flex just keeps getting chilly by the minute, the two rappers are busy throwing shots at each other on Twitter and none is willing to give up. Apparently their feud is centred around the issue of Payola, Flex dropped a dissing track throwing all kinds of insults to Reason.

“This kid buried himself a long time ago. So there is no reply. Cause I don’t talk to dead people, but for the sheer disrespect shown towards me and my family, as a man, there is no letting this one slide. I apologise in advance.” Replied Reason to the track.

Most fans were expecting Reason to also drop a diss track but he said he won’t waste his time for that. He added that instead he will meet up with him and have a man-o-mano with him.

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