Angry Dlubheke Cancels Ukhozi FM From Playing His Music

Enraged Maskandi sensation Dlubheke Khuzwayo has expressed his anger for Ukhozi FM for not playing his music although he begged them to many a times in the past.

Speaking to DailySun he accused the station of favouring other maskandi artists and sidelining him. He said for this reason he wanted the station to forget him altogether.

“What I am saying is that I can live as an artist without Ukhozi FM. My music can be promoted and sustained without being played by a radio station.

“I’ve been in the industry for more than a decade and I’m done begging this radio station to play my music.” He said he knew he made good music and it was unfortunate other artists got more air play than him.

“I don’t mean to fight but I want to show them I can survive even when they reject my music. What they’re doing is painful but I don’t care any more. If they continue to play my music, I’ll consult with the people close to me to find a way to deal with them.”

SABC spokeswoman Neo Momodu said: “Ukhozi FM continues to play Dlubheke’s music on the station. We value the relationships we have with our stakeholders and we will not engage publicly on this matter.”

Source : DailySun

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