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Kwesta’s Money Talk Of 2019

Award winning rapper Kwesta is already spreading spirit and vibe this 2019 and let people mostly artists in on some money talk of advices and being alert or rather responsible about money.

“It boils down to the artist being aware enough to secure their future first. The thing is, as you get it, there’s so much hype and money. And you think that it’s going to last forever. In your head, you are set for life, but that’s never the case. And whatever you can do to save or invest money, you think “nah I’ll do that next year.” Then you never get around to it. When that time comes the money isn’t as much anymore and you can’t do what you should have done because you need to live. It’s just about educating yourself and knowing what you want”.

The star further spoke of how he’s not about fame but doing what he loves.

“I’ve never been about fame it just so happened that it’s a part of the package. I am often reminded that I need to switch back to Kwesta because I m not that great with people but Kwesta has to be.”

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