Langa Mavuso Shares A Heartfelt Story Of His Battle With Depression

A lot of people in the public eye shy from speaking up if and when they are suffering depression, but musician Langa Mavuso proved to be different when he opened up about his battle with this silent killer.

“I’m open about my depression because it nearly killed me. I’ve tried taking my own life and it’s not something I think we should be ashamed of. You didn’t ask for it. It’s a challenge in life you have to get through. Sometimes I wake up and I’m really happy and sometimes I wake up and I’m not okay, and I’ve found that it’s better when I’m open about it. Then the people around me know how to maneuver around me.”

Speaking to ZAlebz publication the star added on to share how he even dealt with depression.

“I have a good support system that not only keeps me motivated but correct me when I step out of line. I had to find a reason to live and wake up every morning. I keep very centered, I pray a lot, I try to be as healthy I can. I try not to be around people or things that could set me back. I had to learn this mentality because I realised that before this I had been masking a lot. So, instead of pretending, how about I work towards a life I can fall in love with.”

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