Nandi Madida On Reasons She Dropped Skhanda Love And Decided To Quit

The issue of airplay continues to be the big problem and blockage for most artists, Heavy K urged that an end must be out on payola to which Nandi Madida responded revealing that’s why she dropped one hit and decided to quit.

Taking to Twitter Heavy K asked for the music industry to create competition and quit payola.

“Dear SA Music Industry; May we please let the game be interesting again in 2019 & onwards, Stop buying airplay or blocking other artists from getting played! Let’s let the game be competitive again! there are so many talented artists who also deserve a chance too! Thank You.”

Nandi retweeted revealing that some people working on radio are paid to have some songs blocked from airplay.

“Tweet of the year! And people wonder why I didn’t want to follow up after Skhanda Love,it’s a dirty game bro, I was told by someone who had worked in a radio station that artists pay to get other artists blocked from getting AirPlay. My heart bleeds for artists in SA”

AKA added on to the topic saying people just denied playlists because their songs aren’t as good.

“Let me tell you why radio doesn’t play your sht. Cause your sht doesn’t bang bro. Okay? You’re not making hot shit. That’s why the radio isn’t playing you. It’s that simple. Make hot sht, and you will get airplay. The reason you’re not getting airplay is because your sht is not dope that’s it.”

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