Nomzamo Mbatha Responds To The Backlash Of Taking An Image With Arthur Mafokate

Activist and actress Nomzamo Mbatha has lately been receiving a major online backlash for taking a pic with Arthur Mafokate who has been accused of domestic violence. She claims she wasn’t in a right state of mind at the time Arthur asked for a picture and further apologised since it all was in contrast with her activism of violence against women.

“I’m cringing with you. I was walking past, post the concert and looking for my manager when he greeted and whipped out his phone for a picture. Being polite I absent ‘mindedly’ obliged I’m definitely not a fan and I’m sorry I wasn’t present enough to say “F*** OFF, no thanks. She said in a tweet.

“Had I not been in my head about finding my manager and our car to leave, and genuinely exhausted from a 13 hour day, I would’ve had better judgment about the kind of situation I had been ambushed into,” she added.

Another critic, however, said Mbatha’s smile in the picture was not of a person who was uncomfortable.

“I’m definitely not sitting and having a meal. Nor a drink. Nor any quality time. This is the smile you’ll get even if I’m dog-tired or annoyed. Unfortunately a picture will never have a true representation of what was happening in the moment.”

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