Pitch Black Afro Arrested For Allegedly Murdering His Wife

According to News24 Police have confirmed the news that Former musician Pitch Black Afro was arrested this week for allegedly murdering his wife Trisha Modusane.

Daily Sun alleged that the incident took place on 31 December and that Pitch Black is now in police custody. Trisha (real name Catherine Modusane) had been found dead at the turn of the year.

According to the initial report, her family was on the hunt for answers, while one source alleged to the paper that the woman was killed.

The reports further stated how an anonymous witnessed them arguing and left shortly after that on a New Years Eve party.

The source told Daily Sun:

“They were drinking for most of the night and then Pitch Black got into a small argument with his woman. They left soon after that.”

Trisha returned without any shoes on but looking visibly troubled. It seems as if whatever went wrong happened at the BnB afterwards as a source said she was found bruised and still the following morning

“She looked like she was sleeping but was bruised all over. It was easy to see because she was light skinned. I told my friend they needed to call an ambulance and police. Even people who spent the night at the BnB said they heard noises from the couple’s room,” the source told the publication.

According to police spokesperson Colonel Lungelo Dlamini, the man will appear in the Hillbrow Magistrate’s Court on Thursday.

Officials say the suspect was arrested on Tuesday and he is being detained at the Yeoville police station in Johannesburg.
He was arrested after a pathologist who examined Catherine Modusane’s body found that she could have died from injuries she sustained, Dlamini explained.

“An inquest docket was opened on December 31, 2018. After further investigation, a murder case was registered.”


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