Afro Pop

Ringo Madlingozi Shares A Tale Of His 1992 Arrival to Johannesburg

Award winning Afro pop star Ringo Madlingozi is one of many legendary musicians who had a rocky start when they tried worming their way into the industry. He shared his story of his arrival in Jozi back I 1992 which didn’t start out too well at all.

“This is where I was in 1992. I was a hustler as I’m still a hustler. I asked no one to help me. I slept in Park Station for 5 days because I had no where to sleep but nobody knew.”

He added that he has not forgotten the road he’s had to travel to get to where he is today.

“I know where I’m from, I know where I am. I know where I will end up to. This life is mine and I’m asking nobody to help me live it. I choose positive and good people who will advise and assist in my rising up every time I fall.”

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