3 Reasons To Love Londie London’s Runway

Londie London started her 2019 on a good note with a lovey dovey single ‘Runaway’. The singer diverts from heartbreak singles to a more uptempo love song.

Runaway is a follow up to her 2018 single ‘You Were Mine’. The Ambitiouz Entertainment artist lays her sultry vocals over the electro beat as she tells a love interest that she wants to run away with them. The song is just in time for the month of love and worth adding to the Valentines playlist.

1.It’s upbeat

Run away is an upbeat electro song that you can bump to anywhere.

2. It’s Romantic

Who doesn’t love the idea of running away with a love interest? Londie sings about that

3. Londie’s voice

Londie manages to effortlessly sing through the song in a way that grabs a listener’s attention. The husk in Londie’s voice is definitely something worth listening to.

Check out the single below:

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