Aww Ayanda Ncwane needs your help people!

The wife of Gospel Star Sifiso Ncwane need your help people! The CEO of Ncwane Communications which is well known for hits like Umoya Wami Uyavuma recently had a misfortune!

Ayanda lost her priced and sentimental ring whilst swimming. In an instagram post the musician wrote “I lost my wedding ring 💍, while I was swimming, so babNcwane’s fans are going to kill me because I’m their wife now 😂. So…. Ncwane’s supporters, do the things. Not something over the top…. just a smallernyana diamond 

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Even though she tried to be positive and witty about the situation it must suck loosing something so important and valuable. If anyone takes a dive in any pool and finds a ring that looks fancy it could be Ayanda’s, please don’t be shy to Bring it back!

See her post below

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