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Papa Penny Says “He can not be beat by Zuma” Expecting His 25th Child

Colourful South African musician Papa Penny popular known as Penny Penny but born Giyani Kulani is a South African musician and politician, known affectionately as the “Shangaan Disco King” for the musical style he helped popularise is set to be a dad for the 25th time!

Even thought he was the youngest of 68 children from a local doctor with 25 wives. Papa Penny is not planning to stop making kids as he still feels he is strong and healthy. The musician posted on social media “Penny and mama nomi we are waiting for new baby born boy his name is Penny Penny”

When we asked about how many kids he would like to have the 57-year-old tells us: “What ever God gives me is fine.”According to Papa Penny, as long as he is able to, he will keep having kids. “If I’m still alive I’m making babies.”

He jokingly added, “I cannot be beat by Zuma, he is still making babies.”

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