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Thabsie – A Song Bird with A Vision

Thabsie is bossing up in 2019 and preparing to release her sophomore album, poised to make her a force to be reckoned with in the South African music industry. The announcement of her first single Finally coincides with the songstress establishing her own record label and taking over the management of her career.


Finally is the debut release with her label Song Bird Entertainment and has been climbing the charts debuting in the RAMS Top 40 on the 31st of January and receiving raving reviews.


South Africans love radio, and it’s thanks to radio that we have come to know and love the songbird’s unmistakable voice. Her cameo feature on Mlindo’s summer smash hit Macalahas become wedding step and her latest single is what the people have been waiting for since.Finally will be available for download on Friday 08 February 2019 but for now you can catch it on your stereo.


The music video for the single should be hitting screens as soon as the 15th of February and it took her as far as the Blue Nile Falls in Ethiopia to film. “Finally speaks to letting go of negativity, breaking away from a situation that isn’t healthy and setting yourself free. I wanted the visuals of the song to truly reflect the meaning of it. Journeying and filming through uncolonized Ethiopia felt like a voyage of self-discovery and freedom.” She explains.


Her first album Songs About You introduced her as the girl next door whose voice we’d fallen in love with after the release of the smash hitNgiyaz’fela Ngawe. The single African Queensaw her flirting with continental crossover appeal and became a Top 100 radio hit in both 2017 and 2018. By the time she’d released her 2nd Top 100 radio hit “Ubuyanini” she was a 3 time SAMA nominee. She’s become Hip-Hop soul’s go to featured artist lending her voice to Rap/Sung collaborations with South Africa’s most  prominent hip-hop artists. This has given her an edgier appeal. Beyond the music her fans relate to her as an unassuming seductress and fitness enthusiast with a keen eye for cutting edge fashion. More than just a style icon she’s also a business woman in the lucrative hair industry. At this stage in her career, her brand is in transition after having established herself in her home market. Her sophomore release is aimed at rebranding her image to broaden her base and bolster her continental appeal.


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