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Buhle Mda Has Released Her Alter Ego As “Sis Getty”

Buhle Mda Has Released Her Alter Ego As “Sis Getty” – The soil’s Buhle Mda has come to a place in her life, where she has allowed herself to disseminate a pivotal fraction of her life with her fans. She utilises a distinct Instagram name titled “Sis Getty.” She is raw, candid, and Frank.

If you don’t understand her vibe you might mistake her for being impertinent when she deals with social problems as a topic. When she met with the Tshisa Live Team she revealed concerning her freedom of unshackling her “alter-ego,” and expressing the struggles she had to face; not being able to voice out all the concerns that surround us in South Africa.

“Buhle is calm, and actually thinks about what she wants to say and how the receiver will take it. And then you get acquainted with Getty. She is a ratchet and loud,  and unapologetic,” Buhle stated.

“I love Getty though because she tells it like it is, like that aunt we always cringe when she asks to speak at a family meeting.
“It’s important for public figures to engage with the people because whether we like it or not, we are role models to the kids.”

The powerful vocalist has recently disclosed that she will share with her fans a solo project.  She’s prepared to venture into a solo artist and introduce her fans to the “real her”. She will do that through her music. You can get in touch with her raw content: @sis_getty. via Instagram.

Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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