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Candy Tsa Mandebele Is Set To Release A Track Titled “Nathinga”

Candy Tsa Mandebele Is Set To Release A Track Titled “Nathinga” – Candy Tsa Mandebele is set to release a track “Nathinga,” the single is extracted from her album “Hupenyu Unenge Viri,” the album came out the previous year, 2018, around November.

She released her album under Universal Music SA. She has been releasing music before she became an actress if you have been leaving under a rock, you missed out, she will be part of the new Xitsonga Television Drama Giyani that will air on SABC 2 – Land of Blood. The drama premieres on the 1st of April 2019. Her single will premiere ahead of the drama, which is good news.  This looks like a good season for her.

Molefi Modike produced the single “Nathinga” alongside the singer Candy Tsa Mandebele. The narrative behind the single centres around a  mythical individual named “Nathinga”, who is appropriated to get married, regardless of the uneasiness that others seem to observe concerning her affianced. The singer becomes the logical one with a different perspective and she willingly renders her support for Nathinga and to try and alter her perspective.

The consistency in her dialect concerning her music is her winning ingredient, she has always been proud of her first language Xitsonga. We will never forget her hit song that made waves in the year 2012 featuring Mabhiza, iconic DJ Oskido’s and herself ” Tsa Mandebele,” that was a banger indeed.
We hope she continues releasing hits and entertains her fans while building her legacy in the music industry.

Written: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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