Dan Vee drops a New Single – “Underwater”

Dan Vee drops a New Single – “Underwater”. Dan Vee, a household name, dropped his up-to-date single circulating digital space.
The “underwater” single is portraying a transmutation – from being children with no anxieties, worries and filled with all the creativity the world can offer. It then proceeds to one becoming an adult with authority, power and accountability to run their lives but only this time they are bombarded with the worries of this world

We are all not immune to the transition, it is something we all have to face as we mature to adults and gain responsibilities. Life can become so overwhelming, If that has not transpired , just keep on living. When life becomes stressful, we all wish to ditch responsibilities and escape to the children in us.

The song “Underwater“ merely personifies a place of liberty, tranquillity and serenity. As an individual, it is important to tap into an environment or get in touch with something that has the ability to take you to infinity and beyond, once in a while you need a break.

He perfected his expertise or skills in his live act and ultimately the aim is to release his authentic songs, providing music fanatics with a sincere framework that transports you on an expedition of his life. 

Playing a vast amount of shows in 2018 gave Dan the opportunity to build a stage presence, it is vivid in his explosive live performance. Dan says 2019 will be a busy year filled with a huge amount of live shows, but his focus is promoting his original music and solidifying his spot in the industry. Creating his own music has been an amazing journey so far and with his debut EP planned to release later in 2019, he says “All the songs have a different vibe, but all based on his personal experiences in life”.

He documented his track at High Seas Studio and delightfully co-produced by Dan; he exclaimed that the previous year he has been immersing in music productions and this has proved to be in self – discovery, learning of himself and unearthing things he never knew existed as an artist and the music he wants to produce. The track reveals a sound which commemorates a mixture of vocals, auditory harmonic guitar and self-pleasing beats. Well, as long as there is progress we are happy.

Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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