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Fans Rave About AKA’s Orchestra On The Square, They Say It Was “A Creative Succsess”

Fans Rave About AKA’s Orchestra On The Square, They Say It Was “A Creative Sucsess” – The countdown has finally come to a halt; weeks of expectations have been fulfilled. Super Mega – AKA’s Orchestra On The Square was a success and the star is pleased.

He has stated that it is the best show he has yet produced. Indeed, the show was a creation of unconventional artistic compilations; it is breathtaking to espy a Hip – Hop rapper amalgamating his astounding performance with the geniuses of a 30 piece orchestra, watching it was impeccable for the fans. The fans revealed that the quality and the degree of which the production represented has been deemed, the most creative, his production, perfomance’s were authentic and proved to be original, slightly distict from what he is known for in the music game.

The production design,  aesthetics ranging from the lighting setup, the stage and quality of his sound production was faultless according to the majority of fans who attended. When you are an artist, you have the capacity to concoct and fuse an upbeat sound with auto-tune and a classical orchestra sound and make it blend together and make it sound fantastic to the fans.

Even K.O had an appreciative message while supporting him; when love and appreciation are seen in the Hip – Hop Industry, we smile as South Africans.

This is what the fans had to say:

At the end of the day it was all about the Hard Core Fans

This event has been a blessing, not only to the fans but to the Rapper’s personal life. His family was behind him throughout the event, the support was heartfelt by fans and shortly after that, an image circulated of him sharing a kiss with his baby mama Zinhle Jiyane. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but it appeared to have aroused a tumult on social media, spiking rumours of a reunion with his baby mama or perhaps it is another co-parenting strategy?

We will just have to wait for confirmation.

Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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