How Twitter Reacted To Danny K Calling Out Ignorant White Racist

How Twitter Reacted To Danny K Calling Out Ignorant White Racist! Danny K has resurfaced with a tweet that has interrupted social media.

He really stirred things up, got Helen Zille, I am talking about the Western Cape Premier Tweeting a response. Danny is stating the obvious but overlooked social problem experienced by many. His deal is “Lack of empathy” presented by South African white people got him “castigated,” well maybe I am pushing it, BUT.

The star, Daniel Koppel (Danny K) – simultaneously received denunciation and underpinning for a tweet in which he stated he was completely perplexed with the deficiency of empathy exhibited by many White South Africans.

Now Western Cape Premier Helen Zille has joined the fray, although she had nothing to say about the content of Koppel’s tweet, choosing instead to focus on spelling errors in it. “You need some spelling lessons,” she tweeted.

“When @helenzille ignores a plea to call out racism, appreciate privilege and chastises you over spelling. Really !?” was the singer’s response.

I could not say I am surprised to the reaction of the Premier; she probably feels Danny K is out here making white people look bad, lol. The hysterical fraction is the focal point of her tweet; she instead pointed out the spelling errors that need to be rectified. What do you think of the whole ordeal? 

Not sufficient black people call out racism when it rears its ugly head. It may be uncomfortable, and yes you may be the singular unpopular opinion, but stand firm and be courageous! we can no longer be kept silent,” one twitter user commented.

This is clearly a topic that we all need to face and deal with as South Africans, we may differ in opinion but we need to come to an agreement of the after-effects caused by the apartheid era and the racism that still lurks in our country

Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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