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iFani searching for relevance with AKA?

We have forgotten all about Rapper iFani until recently. He had to broadcast his appearance with his ancient opponent AKA to push things further, talk about unforgiveness! We not sure but it but it appears he was attempting to ridicule AKA.

Proposing he should let his actions speak louder than his “text”.  Instead of decorating Twitter with fancy words. Maybe, it is his way of resuscitating himself back to the spotlight, who said there is only one way of doing it? Anyway, we cannot blame him, people do the most to get attention. I mean there could have been a better platform to speak out against the facade that rains through the industry, which we all ARE aware of, but he got a knocked out from fans for his mockery.

It is not even a recent tweet, was he keeping tabs on his “enemy” makes you wonder, why do people have a habit of involving themselves with other people’s business? But then again we need to write the juicy stories, right? Okay, so, it does not end there, he shared his feelings on how he perceives the whole “preaching” on Twitter a waste of time, to him it does not translate to action taken. what is important is doing what is right rather than talking about it. I think what he is trying to say: the plan should be to help the victims, not address the fans to get recognition or more popularity. Is he jealous or making a point or maybe trying things stir things up?  

You still remember how it all started right? I am talking about the feud between the two rappers; well, it started way back, but it became transparent in 2015. This resulted when Super Mega derided iFani’s accomplishments in receiving an album verified gold on the initial day of release. AKA asserted that sponsors purchased all the albums and advocated that iFani was not being honest concerning his popularity.

It sparked a massive feud between the pair that iFani later claimed the ordeal ruined his album plans.
While AKA is yet to respond to the latest shots, the AKA defence force was (in place) and ready to retaliate iFani for his latest comments on AKA.
That is what ignited the colossal dispute circulating the two, will it ever end? Super Mega has not yet responded to the tweets, although his watchful sergeants put iFani in his place, he definitely went back with his tail in between his legs. 

Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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