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Jack Mantis, celebrating the Heritage of Music.

Do you want a musical experience? Look no further than the Midlands. A fresh musical encounter. On the 10th of March 2019, will be a musical sensational day. You cannot afford to miss it, bring your family, cousins, mom and dad and your grandparents to enjoy the atmosphere. The location will be the Drakondale Girls Choir School; D796, it is the ancient Red Acres Retreat in Merrivale. 

You need to get there on time, so you can have the best seat and time, the starting hour will be 11 am with a breathtaking anthem by the choir concert in the auditorium. Ranging from the Drakondale Girls Choir, the Pietermaritzburg Amateur Music Society; choirs of Voortkker, Grace collage and the Carter High. They will be lead by the accomplished Mathew Hoffman and Botes Gresse.

That will be just the beginning, from there; we manoeuvre onto alluring lawns with an astounding line up of performers. Jack Mantis, Ard Matthews, Jessica Martins, Dave Knowles, Alma Flamenca (dance troupe), Don Clarke and TreeManChi (DJ). There will be food stalls available and it should end around sunset. Well, if you are a crafter, stall holder and entrepreneurs are encouraged to book a stall in the grounds. You are allowed to contact the event organisers for further information concern the cost.

The tickets will range from R150, for the spectators for the day from – 11 am to 6.30pm, you can also visit Selected Pick n Pay Stores. If you fail to get the tickets elsewhere, do not faint, you will find help at the gate.

There are also tickets lesser, that will be from 11 am to noon, they are only R80. To save yourself the hustle book in advance. 

Bring yourself, your family and friends with a camp chair, blanket and enjoy a chilled Sunday of music, laughter and a good time. 

Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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