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K.O is a “Super Duper” dude.

In the previous week on a Friday, K.O released a fresh single termed “Super Duper’ and he announced a video to follow the audio.  A motion picture that exhibits some uproarious and eccentric scenes into the blend escorted the release.

The track will be a part of his third album and its description culminates a diversity of subjects but predominantly the serpents represent the city or perhaps the music industry, what do you think? Interesting concept if you ask me, it comes with single notes that are musically satisfying, he still incorporated his original sound – Skhanda – Gawd.

Well, he definitely has redirected his sound to an extent on his fresh joint “Supa Dupa”, You have the right to give it an ear and figure out if it is worth space in your playlist.

Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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