Mamphintsha says he was “Abused” as a child!

The Kwaito star, producer Mandla – Mampintsha – Maphumulo seems to be on a mission to clear his name and standing by his claim he is the victim. He comes out to express how he has been abused at an early age. 
This is his response to his girlfriend Bongekile – Babes Wodumo – Simelane following her pressing charges of domestic violence opposing him. He quickly laid a counter charge maintaining he was the one who was violated prior to the recording, he was retaliating. What we saw as a nation was self-defence and nothing more. 

Regardless of the prevalent scepticism towards Mampintsha’s contention that he is actually the one agonized within an abusive relationship, an unspecified person who has asked to be kept a secret, informed the Citizen – “totally super-duper plausible” that the 36-year-old, six-foot-plus Mampintsha is actually the victim of abuse at the hands of his much-shorter 24-year-old female partner.

This saga continues to confuse the public, he has now expressed his experiences with abuse and states how traumatic it has been for him. 
He stated when he was younger; he had a family friend to look after him who exposed him to horrendous abuse treatment concerning his homework and eating schedule, and apparently, he was also told to go to bed without reason. I do not know how to feel about his alleged abused background and his story for being a victim in this whole dilemma. We will just have to let Justice takes its place.
He says he was obligated to smack her a handful across her face in self-defence to put the abuse to a halt. 

Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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