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Prince Kaybee’s Album Reaches Gold Status.

Prince Kaybee’s Album Reaches Gold Status. – Ladies and gentlemen, you will be happy to know, a household name; producer Prince Kaybee’s up-to-date album “Re Mmino did not waste time and has reached Gold status subsequent to its release on Friday. He has shared with his fans and asked his fans not to “get weary in well doing, ”L.O.L; his goal is to reach platinum status, fans must continue streaming his music. You must be asking yourself, how can this be possible for the album to obtain such adoration in such a short period of time?

Incorporating Banomona and Fetch Your Life was not a coincidence, think about it! These songs have been explained to be a success with an estimation of 47 million streams as claimed by stats. Anyway, whatever Prince Kaybee touches turns into gold, except the whole TNS vendetta, we are all aware of that truth. 
The year started with a bang for his music, he will be touring the world, giving the world a taste of his music, countries such as Australia, Germany, Ireland and the UK will be given a taste of their lives. It has been confirmed.

Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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