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Rapper Rouge signs With A Major Recording Label

Rapper Rouge signs With A Major Recording Label.“⚠️ANNOUNCEMENT ⚠️ROUGE IS OFFICIALLY SIGNED TO SONY MUSIC. I’ve been independent for the longest time and now officially with a major! Can’t wait to see where this journey takes me with my new family @SonyMusicAfrica”

The female rapper, multi-award winning rapper – Rouge ushered to Twitter to publicise her elation concerning signing with music Prominent Sony Music Africa. She declared she has enjoyed her independence and now she is official; working with the best in the game. She is excited about the advancement she will make with her new family.

We all have a past in life and at times we attempt to achieve success through the wrong doors, this is not her initial attempt to be managed under a recording label, her previous attempt in 2014 proved to be futile and it cost her everything and ended that union with her greatly disappointed. Although things have changed, if it does not kill you, it can only make you stronger.

Things are looking great, her music features with the likes of AKA and Moozlie revealed the girl has the power and creative flair to thrive in the music industry.

If you do not take time to plough and cultivate your dreams, no one will have the time to do it for you. Rouge impressed us and inspired us when she dropped her debut album, “The New Era Session” in 2017, you have to admit, she elevated to a higher pedestal, demonstrating she is one of South Africa’s pre-eminent female rappers. She has won a SAFTA’s award for her motion picture that escorted her second album, She received, two SAMBRE Africa awards and an additional SA Hip Hop award for her independence.

Although her fans are worried, they showed concern through Twitter, they do not want her to be exploited and she has since responded, giving her fans the assurance that she is in good hands.

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Some of my supporters are low-key worried about me signing. Promise I got the best music lawyer in the game and I signed under my terms. This took mooooooooonths of backs and forth till I was happy. We are good, trust. Ready for music now???

This is what some fans had to say in response:

Looks like that has been sorted; All we need to do now is celebrate with her; support her success and wait for good music. She seems to have made a choice she inquiringly thought through. All we can do now is to show our support. 

Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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