Refentse Morake – says, “Afrikaans music is descriptive and effortless to create”.

Refentse Morake – says, “Afrikaans music is descriptive and effortless to create”. – This is something you do not get to observe every day, a black man embracing singing in the Afrikaans language. He asserts it is not gruelling when narrating and producing the music; according to him, he contemplates better and shares dreams in the Afrikaans dialect, hence it is so easy. He concludes the language is expressive, illustrative and comes effortlessly in his writing. His musical journey commenced in the year 2015; when Refentse Morake established his career, it was on a social media platform, videos of performances circulated the social media and created a buzz for him.

He has collaborated with various prominent Afrikaans musicians; the likes of Ricus Nel, Bok van Blerk, Karen Zoid & Adam Tas. “it would delight me to work with Ladysmith Black Mambazo, the legends and other interesting sounds that will bring diversity, with the likes of  Sibongile Kumalo alongside Afro Jazz .”

This has become vivid when he received a nomination for a SAMA for  “Beste Kontemporere Musiek” in the collection of his records in the year 2016. He plans to leave behind a legacy. It is so beautiful to witness a young man boldly taking a platform that is not easily travelled by multitudes; he dared to follow his dream and committed to what he believes to be his purpose. 

Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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