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Richard Stirton Releases – EP “NAKED”

We are empowered when our artist keeps on realising their fresh material, Richard Stirton has unleashed his fresh up-to-date EP “NAKED” and the good news is that it is available covering various digital platforms, since the first day of March 2019.

We need to recall his previous single; “Defeated” was hugely supported by fanatics and appreciated by our local radio stations, circulating the whole of South Africa. He shared his single as audio for”Breathe”, an additional track from his album “Naked” EP. The power of social media never stops to fail us when utilised accurately; he disseminated the debut of his album across his social pages, planning, prior to his release to tease his fans with a flavour of what is to come from his “Naked” EP.

According to him, he has been marking time with patience for the sharing date of his creativity in the form of music, his album “Naked”. He explains; he has endured the roller coaster of approximate two years of narrating and recording in the studio. When you are creative, you expect from yourself the best, quality, not only from your self but your production as well. You put in the much-needed work. He dedicated the year 2017 in honing his writing skills with his songs, getting them written and polished and then he went on to advance in the year 2018 by recording in the studio. 

He recounts his experience in creating the project as natural and says; he gave it sufficient time to transmute to what he had envisioned. When you are creating a project of this calibre, it requires you to contemplate and mirror your decisions and actions taken. He had the pleasure of working with a skilful, adroit Executive producer – Michael Wilson-Trollip, the astonishing yet amazing part is that He is an 18-year-old  mastermind from Bishops Diocesan College. They were inseparable, and they toiled day in and out embellishing each track to sound like perfection. 

“’Naked’ feels like my first real introduction to my fans as to who I am as an artist. It is the first body of work that I am putting out that is entirely me. As a kid growing up I was pretty shy and insecure and as I got older, I realised that my insecurities stemmed from my desire to be accepted. I would change who I was in order to be the person whom I thought others wanted me to be, and this change in myself is what made me uncomfortable. I decided that I would no longer change who I was to suit other people and that I would rather stay true to myself in every facet of my life. And the same holds true for my music.”

Honestly, by the description of what transpired, it sounds as if Richard Stirton and his executive producer, Michael Wilson-Trollip, were artistic in most of the elements. They scouted for deserted building structures to attain the precise piano and drum sound for the tracks. They told fans to give an attentive ear to the drums on “Breathe”, you will acknowledge they were tracked within an empty house with a lofty ceiling. Elevated wooden floors and aesthetically appealing acoustic. Don’t stop there keep on listening to the piano; this time in “Whiskey Glass”, they say they tracked it in an identical room alongside 10 microphones circulating a beautiful baby grand.

Stirton enjoyed the recording process –  “It was a very refreshing process because of the lack of pressure. We had no real deadlines as a result of my independence and we just wanted to create a body of work that was true to who I am as an artist and that we believe in and love. I think that we achieved that.”
In case you are wondering what are the symbols written in his album? The representation of the markings matches together with the way he plans to conduct his life. The three letters have their own connotation. 

The ᚱ     \   Journey
The ᛇ     \    Wholeness
The ᛞ      \  Self

What it stands for completely  –  “Journey to Wholeness of the Self”.
He feels this is pertinent to each of us. We wake up every day with the determination to discover the ultimate version of who we are and persistently learn as we morph. He perceives music as a nudge to remind us, we all share the same struggles. Despite our social standing, race and ethnicity. No matter what circumstances one faces in this world, there will always be someone experiencing the same struggle elsewhere. He believes in self-development; as you encounter yourself, you take charge and responsibility. 

I love what he had to say –        “I want to be authentic in a world that seems to have lost touch with what is really crucial; The person to your left and the person to your right. We are all thriving to become the best versions of ourselves and I want to create a community of like-minded people all striving to be better.”

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