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Soweto Gospel Choir brings another one home!

A standing ovation for the Soweto Gospel Choir, proceeding to be the winners of the Grammy for Best World Music Album; this has elevated their status in the history of books. They have created history. The drummer, Questlove representing the Hip-Hop band – “The Roots”.
The excitement that flooded the place was spectacular, our South African’s were beyond delighted. 

“I echoed my lungs out,” boldly announces without shame – Mary Mulovhedzi. They represented us well when they were loud, high pitched vocal sounds – known as ululation. You can take the Sowetans out of South African but you cannot take South Africa out of the Sowetans. They could not hold back, they were justly proud. They made this possible with their album {Freedom.} Now, this album was an accolade to Nelson Mandela to highlight the 100th year of his name being known. 

They are not new to the award-winning scene; they have long survived, increasing to awards such as the Emy alongside a premiere album named, “Voices from Heaven. That album escalated to the top; ranking No.1 on Billboards World Music Chart.

They say freedom provides a contemporary flair to the well-known struggle songs; fighting for music planted in South Africa’s history of none equality.
Inspired by the freedom fighters, the heroes of 1976, ” he stated, referencing to a year of togetherness, in the battle opposing the apartheid regime.

This what they had to say – they had a plan to retrace their steps and go to where the roots of freedom began  “where it all started.”
Organic and Pleased.

On our home grounds, Johannesburg, the throbbing sound of movement with either hands or feet striking against the floor simultaneously packs the building were a consistent practice of the movements takes place. The beauty of seeing two lines of rows, neatly aligned by South African women across the ages of 24 – 50, blending, harmonising and supporting by a {djembe}, a skin-covered drum. 

A well-known group that keeps on cascading in an alarming rate had to be divided into three indistinguishable units to encounter an unquenchable global demand for their presence and performance.

“Some of our singers are not musically trained. So what we do is we learn by ear,” Jiyane says.
“That’s the rawness of it and that’s the simplicity.”

The light vivid, beaming clothes singers have integrated with various prominent global act with the likes of Peter Gabriel on the track – Down To Earth, for the sci-fi blockbuster – Wall-E, Chance and Celine Dion. The beautiful part about it; it also won a Grammy for Best Movie Song category.
Mr Mulovhedzi, who received the legacy from his father who had the opportunity to co-found the group, states that the group has evolved with the experience of working with different artists. He also mentioned the Group will always maintain their core sound.

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