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TNS Releases A New Motion Picture For His Song – “My Dali”

TNS Releases A New Motion Picture For His Song – “My Dali” – Nkazimulo Ngema, stage name TNS has associated himself with controversy concerning his partnership with Prince Kaybee. Do we call it bad publicity or maybe; just maybe any publicity is good publicity, who knows? The relationship ended between him and his former Mentor in a haste because of trust issues, they were a great team, what a shame!

He has since travelled solo; he reckons to be self-sufficient is a better option for growth in his music career. He is now creating his own content to approve himself and build his relevance from his standpoint. No more a shadow to anyone. This has been a long time coming. He previously announced he was on the verge to release a brand new music video titled “My Dali” attributing Indlovukazi, fans have been ecstatic over the release ever since.

The video is established in the depths of Emandeni as they illustrate a youthful man, ambitious and ready to create music and he can attest from his music video his own life’s experience. The outline of the narrative draws inspiration from a motion picture created back in the days by DJ Prince Kaybee, they should just fix things already. The hunger to get the accreditation he deserves is depicted by the visuals as he hustles his way to the top, and this is helped by that one person who recognises his talent.

They say innovation is heaved from Individuals, communities, circumstances that affect us positively nor pessimistically. What we get to experience in life is always shared by someone else, maybe a slight difference in detail but the outline is always similar.  He needs to chin up and never give up on what fulfils him. A life of purpose prompted by the right decisions will always get you to your designed destination. 

Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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