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Will Kelly Khumalo ever catch a break?

The gorgeous vocalist who has dealt with much in the past can have a second chance in life as a preacher; she has turned a new leaf realising motivation with wisdom you have never seen. The highlight was for people to recognise their worth and not settle for anything but the best. We should all ditch this philosophy of attempting to convince people to see what we already know.

She emphasised that people should not put the offer on the table to negotiate with any other person for their worth. You have the final say to how you wish to conduct your life. People will treat you as you present yourself.
Wow, what a mouthful and that could not be far from the truth. What a better world would that be? We could co-exist so much better in that light it could be, if we embraced such authority in our lives, I agree.


In the previous month, she also instigated and charged on individuals who professed to be Christian but point fingers at other women who seem less deserving to be respected because of their values or bad decisions.
We know how she has been the victim of Cyberbullying, tossed back and forth, last week she broke her silence with a video message to all her trolls.

“She said she has observed that there is no one who will judge you more than the women who go to church every day. Just because you are present in church every Sunday does not give you a right to judge.” was her view on the judgement.

She says it is revolting to witness people who profess to be “God’s people” to be the least desirable on social media.
She continued to state, the ones who go to church religiously without fail are less empathetic, they speak hurtful words without checking themselves. They are quick to judge and condemn. And she highlighted, when you investigate through their pages, you see little progress with their lives.  How do you have the audacity to call yourself a child of the highest God and yet walk with no love?

Then you call yourself favoured, how? She exclaimed when you are breaking down others instead of building them how does that make you a better person. Focus on your own speck before helping your brother with theirs is her message. 

This follows her private life; love life to be exact dragged to the dust by fans, the video surfaced after she received all those negative comments.

Word has been doing rounds that his prince charming Chad and her pretty self have split; for now, this is hearsay, not yet confirmed by both parties.
Her life is under constant scrutiny, she has been through a lot and has had a fair share of bad decisions, but I mean who does not have those? She is a brilliant singer. and she is good at what she does. We might not always agree on values and principles but we need to all have empathy for each other.

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