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Aka Gets Advice From Lindiwe Mazibuko On How To Give

Aka Gets Advice From Lindiwe Mazibuko On How To Give – AKA, SuperMega wanted clarity from Tweeps, he took to social media to ask what celebrities need to do concerning giving when it comes to those who are in need?

You know at times when prominent names give publicly they are denounced for lacking authenticity and doing it to score points.

Also, when a celebrity is not trending concerning giving, they are shunned for spending their money without considering those in need while it’s the public that supports their work. The former DA MP Lindiwe Mazibuko ushered to social media to share her wisdom through her response for AKA.

This is what the tweet said from AKA : “I want to help, but every time I help I am attacked for doing it in public. When I am quiet I am attacked for not being active. So … can someone please clarify what the protocol is now for celebrities donating to help people who need it the most.”  

She offered her thoughts on the matter: “Contribute to the work that speaks to your authentic sense of what is right – where you know you are most needed. Do it publicly or privately, it doesn’t matter. Lead authentically and you’ll never need to defend your choices to anyone,” she exclaimed

There you have it, ladies and gentleman, she has spoken, lets hop AKA will have a transparent understanding of what he needs to do. And this is what fans had to share:

Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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