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Alert! Riky Rick Drops New Visuals Titled “You And I” Ft Mlindo

Alert! Riky Rick Drops New Visuals Titled “You And I” Ft Mlindo Riky Rick has emancipated a motion picture for his love song “You And I” attributing Mlindo The Vocalist.

Riky Rick has been grooming this image of being a family man and rooted in his family values. His wife and kids mean a great deal to him and he does portray that to the best of his ability. The motion picture released speak those volumes. In this video, he attributes his wife and kids and in his lyrics, he expresses his undying love and appreciation for his wife and family. 

He ushered to social media, Instagram with an image to express how he truly feels about his wife and the support he receives from her. This is what the caption had to say: “Do yourself a favour and find a strong woman who loves you despite your faults”. Give her some babies than live the rest of your life with her.”

When you watch the video it contradicts his character, he is seen at a club dissipating his funds with strippers and alcohol. Whilst, on the other hand, his significant other is at home making dinner and looking out for his kids.

The single “You And I” is not much focused on heavy, profound lyrical content, it is a sweet song expressed to his wife and kids, the mother of his child. When you listen to the song, it is pure love, his wife has always stood with him through thick and thin. They establish the video with Ricky on the phone talking to his fiance, describing that he will be home, covering up for his staying late. 

Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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