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Amanda Black Seeks A Remedy From Fans For Her Pains

Amanda Black Seeks A Remedy From Fans For Her Pains – Amanda black ushered to social media to share a catastrophe most girls share, the deadly period of pains. She states her pains have resulted in her being incapacitated, feeling emetic.

She ushered to social media to interact with the fans and asked if anyone had any known treatment for her pain after her failed attempts.  “It is times like this that I am over being a girl. So, if anyone has advice for me on my nausea… The cramps aren’t so bad but nausea feels like my stomach is turning,” exclaimed by the star 

Fans shared their thoughts on the matter, others felt she needed to consult a specialist such as a Gynaecologist pronto. Well, we hope she took the counselling because she did thank the fans for their attempts to help and promised to book for an appointment. The everyday struggles we have to go through as girls are a tale to tell. 

Written By: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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