Ayanda Jiya is Set To Release Visuals For Her Single “Falling For You”

Ayanda Jiya is Set To Release Visuals For Her Single “Falling For You” – Ayanda Jiya gives us a glimpse of visuals for the single “Falling For You,” she shared a snippet of her trailer, it does not give out much but you get the idea. The single has been released on the 14th of February 2019.

And it was the right tune for the right moment. Her feature with Areece is not the usual, different, which makes the song interesting. 
So, in this case, roles have been reversed in this song, the woman is the one being expressive and self-confident in showing her love for the man she desires.

In her singing, she states she could not care if it was unconventional for a woman to be expressive concerning their feelings, she is willing to go all the way because of the way she feels. 

It has been exciting, even when she released the track fans were excited because she is known to produce hits that are soulful and also well-produced. A – Reece the rapper brings his flow and lyrical content to the mix a and you know he always nails it with his features.

Well, the anticipated music video looks like a sure thing. We hope it arrives sooner than we can say” It’s coming,” they have been sharing images with their daring and assorted outfits, giving us life in those clothes. Jiya looked magnificent in her white garment and her theatrical crown, looking like the princess, she exudes authority. 

Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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