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Cassper Nyovest Says He Is No Loser ” I am A Fighter Nna”

Cassper Nyovest Says He Is No Loser ” I am A Fighter Nna” – It is not a successful day, if we have not posted about Cassper Nyovest; he has infiltrated the streets of social media this week with the watermelon fruit and made it clear that he will never accept the “L” letter not now, never! When it gets tough, he gets tougher by the day. 

The Family Tree CEO responded to a tweet from one of the fans, who for a change, was sending good vibrations. The fan was admiring and celebrating his consistency and precision and showed great respect for the stars power and impact. 

“I know my worth and value. I ain’t never gon’ lie down and take an L nje. Indaba I’m a fighter nna. I will fight until! I also know I have influence. When you a boss, you can make demands. You can use your influence. That’s why you add a boss up! Boss up nigga!” exclaimed by Casper.

One thing about him he does at times attempt to be civil and hold peace with others in the industry, but this week he retaliated anything that opposed his distaste of Watermelon, including the likes of JR, Tressor and shaded AKA back to his Cruz boat. You do not dare mess with Mufasa, he roughs with flavour!

Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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