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DJ Sbu Says To His Future wife “You Going To Marry A Billionaire”

DJ Sbu Says To His Future wife “You Going To Marry A Billionaire” – DJ Sbu, the producer, business mogul, real name Sbusiso Leope is one of the biggest hustlers South Africa has ever come across, he takes every opportunity that comes without flinching.

He is constantly speaking his destiny to reality, he has always maintained he will be a billionaire’s without a doubt. Sibusiso ushered to social media on the 17th of April 2019 to share an image of himself suited up, and in front of him two cans of his energy drink “Mofaya” and his book. He states in his caption that his future wife who he has no details of must be ready to marry a billionaire.

This is what the caption had to say: “Dear future wife: Wonder whom u dating now, where u are, what type person u are, what do u do, how are we going to meet, where, will I know from the start u the one, etc. Never been married. So many Qs. I know nothing about U. All I know is that you going to marry a billionaire”. 

The blessed lady will be welcomed to a home of love and it will be pouring with money all the way. He clearly wants to give the best to the future Mrs Leope, how cute is that! Ladies you heard, the man has spoken. This is the time you begin to gather your prayers together, who knows God might just land you to DJ Sbu doorstep when he becomes a billionaire. 

Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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