Dr Tumi Says, He Is Tired Needs A Break “Pray For Me Fam”

Dr Tumi Says, He Is Tired Needs A Break “Pray For Me Fam” – Dr Tumi, the gospel star is a blessing to anyone who enjoys his music, very authentic and glorifies God. Dr Tumi has ushered to social media to express his current state of exhaustion; his fatigue state of mind and body.

He has sent his apologies to unanswered phone calls and messages and just asked time to breathe and soak in everything by himself. “Hi, fam. Didn’t know I was this tired. I actually need a day just to breathe. To sleep early and through the night. Got so much work going on and my year is almost full. I need strength,”- he stated on his update on Twitter. 

He urged his fans to pray on his behalf. His fans responded affirming they will stand with him in prayer and hope he can get the rest that he desires and for him to know that God is always with him through every struggle.

What I love about him he always takes time to share his God-given wisdom to motivate and stimulate his fans to remain true to themselves at all cost. He shared another statement on Tweeter “Never be tempted to be someone else. You were made to be you. Created and uniquely fashioned to serve a purpose that no other man can. You stay winning when you live your life as God has planned for you. Be You. Be More. This thought just hit me. Ain’t gonna change whom he made me,” he exclaimed

Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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