Fans Want Sho Madjozi To Join The Cast In Black Panther 2

Fans Want Sho Madjozi To Join The Cast In Black Panther 2Her real name, “Maya Christinah Xichavo Wegerif”, but her fans know her as, Sho Madjozi, she is a bold South African rapper, musician and poet, has been circulating social media after hints on a sequel for Black Panther have been released.

Now, fans want the Wakanda Forever singer to be chosen as part of the cast this time.There have been suggestions regarding a five-year plan from Marvel execs that was shared this week. This plan includes Spiderman movie, Endgame that will grace the cinema’s in the coming months and will include a continuation to the 2018 smashing movie“Black Panther”

It has been published by the Business Insider that, Marvel scheduled the year 2020, in May the 1st and November the 6th 2020; 12TH of February, 7th Of May, and November the 5th 2021, 18th February, 6th Of May, and last but not least July 29 2022, this so far has been dates released for the movies that are yet to be made.

So, the good news struck and South African’s weighed in on how they are looking forward to the sequel. Fans have their own candidate which they feel will be suitable to star on the cast of the second sequel, remember the initial Black Panther attributed Connie Chiume, Atandwa Kani, Trevor Noah and John Kani from South Africa. And this amongst those that will be chosen some fans want Sho Madjozi to be also selected. Everyone is allowed to wish, right? I am glad you agree.

Fans are excited that there will be a second one, although, a fraction are wishing other stars from South Africa can feature once again. And one star has been the highlight, the gorgeous Sho Madjozi. What do you think? Do you think she can cut it, I think it might be interesting, considering she is a great actor and she can sing. 

Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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