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Finally! Kid Fonque Is Set To Release His Debut Album

Finally! Kid Fonque Is Set To Release His Debut Album – The house musician Kid Fonque has been in the music industry for an approximate of 20 years and this comes with a shock, he has never released an album, shocking right, His fans have always pleaded for an album but to no avail. Although, now he has granted his fans their wish.

You might ask what has he been doing for 20 years? He has worked on various alliances, features and his focal point has always been to be a selector for music for a great portion of his career, and it has done him well. He governs his own radio show, and he is responsible for (Artists and repertoire) scouting for new talent and overseeing talent development for his label “Stay True Sounds & STY TRU BTS.

His cornerstone has always been other people’s music, not his. So now he has decided to release his own music before old age hits home. “The whole album prob took about 1 year to put together but I am very happy with the outcome.”

He says his tracklists illustrates a transparent image of his character – Kid Fonque concerning music, one of the tracks is titled “Air Max.  The newly released album attributes simultaneously contemporary and remote music. Moreover, as a record label owner.  He also attributes artists from his record label. In his radio show  “Selective Styles” on 5FM, he clarifies that he endorses house music but he also adds other genres circulating the music stream, Hip Hop, Soul just to name a few. “My album is a true representation of that, a good balance of productions getting into my passion for music as a whole”

“I have 2 features with the extremely talented Ziyon, I have UK rapper TY on a jam,  and some other musical help from my Stay True Sounds family.  It’s a diverse offering but a proper body of work.  Get a copy on the 17th of May and find out:)”

Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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