Has Mandla Found New Love With The Actress Zola Nombona?

Has Mandla Found New Love With The Actress Zola Nombona? – Actor, musician Mandla Ngcongwane formerly linked in marriage to Tumi Masemola has received an intimate birthday message from local actress Zola Nombona and fans immediately asked questions, obviously with hearsays that there might be a relationship.

Zola ushered to social media and posted an image of Mandla and the caption was intriguing: “Happy birthday King. I genuinely have no words but I know you know how much I love and appreciate you.” 

I mean it depends on your personal interpretation, perhaps it is an innocent text or not who knows, except for them, right! Although, when you scrutinise the text: “May the Lord keep filling your cup and may he grant you all your heart’s desires. Love you” – For fans that sparked an idea of a relationship between the two stars.  

And Mandla responded TO THE SWEET TEXT: “Ou thanks a mil babe. Well done u killed it yesterday. Hola” 

Now, most people clearly are not aware of the break up between Mandla and his ex-wife Tumi Masemola, one of the fans still believed he was still married. This particular fan ushered to social media to ask for answers on the confusing dilemma.

When she was interviewed by drum she stated.
“I was too busy to fall in love until I allowed myself,” she said and although she’s been in a year-long relationship with her man who also happens to be in the showbiz she’s not yet ready to reveal his name. 
“At least he understands the industry and we don’t have to fight about quality time and me having to sometimes kiss someone in a scene because he knows the industry.”

Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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