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Nandi Madida Weighs In on A Video Of “A Woman Assaulting A Child”

Nandi Madida Weighs In on A Video Of A Woman Assaulting A Child – A video went viral of a woman striking a baby girl at a creche, the video surfaced on the Tweeter platform and ignited indignation and comments raged the woman accountable and all stated she should be held accountable, arrested and made to serve time.

people started to worry about their own children’s safety. In amid of the outrage, Nandi Mngoma also shared her thoughts on the matter. She had a reaction, especially being a mother and expecting baby number 2 – she ushered to share the extremities she undertakes to ensure the wellbeing of her 2-year-old son, Shaka.

“These crèche videos are heartbreaking, I’m sure other mothers agree with me that you only hope your kids are fine with the Nannies you have at home or caregivers at Crèche. I struggle to trust anyone because of such cases,”  She has stated she has installed CCTV cameras to ensure safety for her child and her home. 

“Fortunately I have a very flexible schedule work-wise, but I trust nothing and no one.”

She is not the only one who found this ordeal atrocious; the video has raffled up a few feathers, other celebrities had an opportunity to weigh in on the matter and one of them was “Enhle Mbali Maphumulo” who pleaded with people to assist her to find the parents and the child who was affected by the abuse o she could lend a hand. 

Fans have responded

Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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