Rev Benjamin Dube Release’s New Visuals For “Udumo Lukufanele”

Pastor Benjamin Dube Release’s New Visuals For “Udumo Lukufanele” – The prominent Mzansi’s gospel producer, musician Pastor Benjamin Dube, he has released a new motion picture for his contemporary track titled “Udumo Lukufanele (Glorious King)” attributing Putuma Tiso on Wednesday, on the 3rd April 2019. 

This single has been extracted from his double album “Victorious In His Presence”, emancipated in August 2017.
A fraction of “U Dumo Lukufanele (Glorious King) is a classic gospel hymn and the second fraction of the lyrics are narrated by Pastor Benjamin Dube and the backing vocals are outstanding, their golden voices make a huge difference.

The breathtaking musician Putuma Tiso takes the lead as she establishes the song “Udumo Lukufanele” and Pastor Benjamin Dube make acquaint to the (Glorious King) part of the song.   

When you observe the motion picture it depicts Pastor Benjamin Dube positioned in the middle of the stage facing his monumental piano, the classic woman of God, Putuma Tiso saunters at close parameter to the Renowned Pastor and piano. The aesthetics and production design of the stage encompasses a blue illumination with a gleaming focus light to dazzle the two performing artist. 

Written by: Aphiwe Theodorah Mvinjelwa

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